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Pictographs at Ayer's Rock California

This page contains photos of California rock art pictographs.   Click on any photo to enlarge.

Ayer's Rock is a large, mostly unprotected (from the elements) granite boulder near Coso Junction, Inyo County, California. This area is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada which are located about 15 miles to the west, and the now desiccated Owens River once flowed not far from here. The "Rock" is in historic Tubatulabal territory and these pictographs, painted in the Coso Painted Style, were probably created by the Tubatulabal or the Kawaiisu. I know of no definitive dating of these pictographs, but they are generally thought to be between 100 to 400 years old. 

Some of the pictographs at this site have faded significantly from weathering. To better represent the original images I enhanced two of the pictures below by using Jon Harmans "Decorelation Stretch" program.  To learn more about this program read the article on the Rock Art Gallery page.   Next 10 photos.

Ayer's Rock pictographs pictograph panel #1
Ayer's rock is a large granite boulder. There are pictograph panels on the North and South sides. The smaller boulder to the left is about 9 feet tall The hand prints, top center, are actual size.
rock art rock art enhanced photograph
Some of the orange and red pictographs have faded beyond recognition. A pictograph enhancement program allows the faded images to be identified, or, at least their shape to be known.
pictograph panel #2 pictographs enhanced
The pictograph panel in the center of the photograph is difficult to discern. Once enhanced to images are much clearer.
coco style deer pictograph bignorn sheep pictographs
To Late Period Coso Style deer. These bighorn sheep and other pictographs at this site have white peck marks outlining the paint.
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anthropomorph pictograph horse and rider pictograph
Most of the pictographs at Ayer's rock are painted in red to orange colors. This anthropomorph is painted in white, possibly giving it special significance. This image may represent a horse and rider, although the rider does not appear human-like.
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